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We sell antiques and other handmade items on consignment, while also offering indoor, climate-controlled storage inside the Prairie Chic Handcrafts & Antiques store. We know there are many creative people to offer similar goods from handcrafted items to quality used furniture items to the public. Denise Homer, store owner, provides artistic guidance so all our consignments are consistent with a certain flair for consumers who seek out unique products. We do not charge any additional administrative fees or charge you for credit card sales like some other stores might, so our commission fee covers marketing and other sales costs. See below for more rates!

How much are your monthly vendor space rates there?
Right now, we have wall space on sale. This space is either 12" deep on the south wall, with metal shelving units available for your use, or 48" deep on the east and west walls. All of the walls have pegboard pieces installed for your use. Our prices for wall space include:
  • 4' x 8' pegboard wall space: $50/qtr. (12" deep with metal shelves available for use)
  • 4' x 4' pegboard wall (upper half): $35/qtr. (12" deep with metal shelves available for use)
  • 4' x 4' pegboard wall (bottom half): $25/qtr. (12" deep with metal shelves available for use)
  • Need less space than that? Ask Stephanie for even MORE options we have available for smaller spaces.
  • The wall space also includes a *REDUCED* 10% commission on all booth sales to cover marketing and sales expenses.
This is 4' x 8' of wall space.
We also have booth spaces rented to help you sell your handmade, repurposed, collectible, antique, or organic products to the public. We are here to help anyone who has collected or created quality products to start their own business inside our store.
  • 4' (with two 48" tall walls) booth: $40/mo. or $80/qtr. (That's pay 2 months, get ONE MONTH FREE!)
  • 6' (with one 7' wall) booth: $60/mo. or $120/qtr. (That's pay 2 months, get ONE MONTH FREE!)
  • 8' (with one 7' wall): $80/mo. or $160/qtr. (That's pay 2 months, get ONE MONTH FREE!)
  • Full end cap: $50/mo. ($100/qtr.) 
  • Half end cap: $30/mo. or $60/qtr.
  • The booth spaces also includes a *REDUCED* 10% commission to cover marketing and sales expenses. 
  • This is a 4' booth space, with 4' x 30" side walls.
Our booth spaces are 7' tall and 30" deep and include divider pegboard walls on both sides. We can also store items for you to sell in your booth spaces inside our storage units, to reduce your need for travel to restock your space. See below for those rates! 
Floor space is also available inside the store, if you would like to create an area on our open sales floor where you can arrange your own items.
  • Less than 10' - $25 for a one day event (and to finish out the rest of the month)
  • 10' and more -  $2/sq. ft./mo., or $4/sq. ft./qtr. (That's pay 2 months, get ONE MONTH FREE!) 
  • There is also a *REDUCED* 10% commission on all booth sales to cover marketing and sales expenses. 
Do you offer special event rates and options?
Yes we do! Our special event rental rates are the same as the floor space rates. Upcoming special events include:
  • May 22-24 -- Herington All-School Reunion & Hope School Reunion
  • May 30 -- Herington's citywide yard sale 
  • July 9-11 -- Tri-County Free Fair
You set up your own items on your own table, and pay according to the size. Sorry, but if you have a circular table, it is measured on the square. This is on a "cash and carry" basis for the day of the event, so you tend your own sales and no credit cards nor collections will be taken by our staff. To sign up, contact Stephanie via phone call or text to (785) 571-3955 any time, or via email to

What about items to be sold on consignment?
Handmade leather bags
for sale are some of the
pieces we have for sale.
We also offer consignment for antique furniture items, quality used furniture items, art works and other larger items. Those are sold on commission only. 
  • Items $50.00+: A 35% commission (and a 10% markdown after 30 days, another after 60 days and a third one after 90 days, so 30% total markdowns)
  • Items < $49.99: A 50% commission (no markdowns)
Our markdown policy allows for our shoppers to know that items will not be the same from visit to visit. We also offer lay-a-ways to better work with a shopper's budget, but still allow them to purchase our quality items. After four months, the item is either returned to its owner or donated if needed. 

What else does Prairie Chic Handcrafts & Antiques offer in the store?
Besides our booth spaces, we're also looking for quality handmade creations, antiques, art, vintage items, collectibles or larger quality used furniture items that we sell on consignment. These are located in the open floor area of the store.  The specialized consignment policy includes a four-month process of markdowns and option for lay-a-ways to help promote the movement of these items.
A third part to our business is indoor, climate controlled self-storage units. We hope to encourage antique dealers to both buy and sell and inventory right here in Herington. Our 22 units are now available for rent, with a one-time $20 administration fee. We welcome the entire community to rent these spaces for their own personal use as needed.
  • 5' x 7' x 10' units - $50/mo. or $100/qtr. 
  • 10' x 10' x 10' units - $100/mo. or $200/qtr.
When is the store open?
We opened for business in late April 2014. Our regular store hours are Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and by appointments otherwise by calling Carol Kellog, store manager, at (785) 571-3955. 

Where is store located?

The store is located at 9 S. Broadway St., Herington, Kan. Here is the Google Map link to help you find your way from your home area.

  • Coming from exit #295 on I-70 in Junction City, head south on U.S. 77 for 26 miles and turn right onto Arnold Street. Follow the road 0.5 miles to the first stop sign on D Street. Turn left and travel 0.2 miles until you get to Main Street (after a small bridge and an open lot on the right). Turn right and travel 0.2 miles until the stop sign at Broadway Street. Turn left and Prairie Chic is located after the second stop sign, on the right side of the road.
  • Coming from the U.S. 50 roundabout in Florence, travel 30.4 miles north on U.S. 77. Then, turn left at the "Y" just north of 300 Avenue, and follow Business 56 through town. (The road will take a sharp right turn at Trapp Street, and you will go four more blocks). Turning left onto Broadway Street and go 0.2 miles north, finding Prairie Chic on the left, just north of Day Street and Central National Bank.
  • Coming from Council Grove, travel 24.0 miles east on U.S. 56. Then, at the four-way stop at the intersection of U.S. 77 and U.S. 56, go straight onto Business 56 until you come to Broadway Street. Then turn right to head north four blocks to Prairie Chic, which is located on the west side (left) of the street.
What policies are in place for your monthly vendors?
Here are some rules to help us maintain continuity and sales success for all of our vendors by providing efficiency for Prairie Chic management.
  • Tags -- All vendors will use their Vendor Number ID on all merchandise tags. Please make all info legible for anyone to be able to read, with additional info posted in booth if to attract shoppers. Please tag and price your items at home and make sure every item has its own tag. Place sticky tags on an area that won’t be damaged by the glue, lost sales can occur for this reason. Vendors renting space will have a THREE digit vendor number and can list a description as they want it printed on the end of the month settlement. Vendors selling items on consignment will have a FOUR digit vendor number and the DATE should also be included on your tags.
  • Items -- If you bring any items that should not be opened, make sure that they are secured with tape or closed tightly. If stored in a Zip Lock bag, they will be opened and removed so secure with staples and tag. If smaller valuable items such as jewelry or nick knacks are to be sold, we will have store counter space available for rent for these items.
  • Booths -- Please keep your aisle clear. There should not be any items extending past the dividing walls of your booth, especially a fixture. We need to keep walking space safe for shoppers. When you come to stock, please be kind to your neighbors and don’t block the aisles when filling your booth, as most shoppers will avoid those aisles altogether until they are cleared. Prairie Chic will notify all vendors of upcoming “Work Nights” for those who would like more time to clean out and rearrange their booths for special seasonal displays without customers in the store in their monthly newsletter.
  • Lighting -- Lighting is limited to 60 watts for 4' or 6' and 100 watts for 8' booths and is limited to compact fluorescent and LED bulbs only. Unapproved lighting will be disconnected upon management discretion. Management reserves the right to add electrical capacity to a booth for an additional fee.
  • Layaways -- Our store provides our customers a great opportunity to purchase your goods and also provides layaway services in our storage area until pick-up. This service is only offered to shoppers. Vendors have the opportunity to rent our controlled spaces available for those who wish to keep items ready for future display or storage for their personal goods.
What if I still have more questions?
Find more about us online at:
If you still need more information, please contact the store at (785) 258-8004 during our store hours (Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or the store manager, Carol Kellogg, at or (785) 571-3955 any time. We are happy to answer your questions, no matter if your inquiry is about items for sale, booth rental space, consignment items or our storage units!

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