Saturday, August 29, 2015

Three Is Our Lucky Number!

I am officially deeming the number three as Prairie Chic's lucky number. I say this because in the month of August, we have followed the trend of July and have welcomed ANOTHER three vendors. If business continues at this rate, we will have a very full store in no time.

We are always looking to recruit more vendors and consignors to bring in their handcrafted items, antiques and quality furniture.

For now, let's take a quick peak at some of the stuff that the new vendors have for sale!

Located in a sage green square along the back wall, a mother and daughter duo who collect vintage glassware, ornate mirrors, handmade jewelry and home decor galore! Within these white shelves you can find everything from decorative trays, to Carnival glasses, to styling books and an assortment of lamps that are sure to brighten up your style, as well as your room!

If you make your way back to the very front of the store and head down the first row of the wall space and booth space combinations, you will find another one of our newest vendors! Booth #441 is a combination of eclectic styles ranging from rustic to retro! There are plenty of chairs to pick from and a ton of home decor that could help bring your decorative visions together!

Our latest vendor is located against the far East wall of the store and her booth is overflowing with creativity and color. For You by Sue includes one of a kind and custom made pieces that are sure to be conversation pieces in your home!

As always, Prairie Chic is constantly looking for more vendors and consignors to add to our store! Wall space starts off at $25 for a 4 x 4 foot space for a 3 month period and booth spaces starts off at $30 a month or $60 a quarter! Feel free to call or text our store manager, McKenzie Schultz, at the store cell phone 785-571-3955. Or at the store e-mail

Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Friday, And There Is So Much To Be Excited For!

Today, I realized that all of the blog posts I typed up two weeks ago, have not been going through like scheduled, and instead are sitting in my drafts. So, my apologies for being ignorant of my mistakes and for not providing you with anything but crickets these last two weeks!
On the plus side, I will be posting a new blog post nearly every other day trying to catch up for the last half of August!

I have several things I want to include in this post, so I'm going to treat it almost as a bulletin!

Even though the Farmer's Market has come to an end for this summer, there are still delicious opportunities to take! For example, Bobby McGathan from the Hilltop will be selling fresh peach pie and cabbage biscuits tomorrow morning (Saturday, August 22nd) at 9 am near the corner of Broadway and Walnut.

We have moved our cash wrap to the center of the store, making use of the prime staging space at the front of the store! But, since sales are doing SO well, we are running out of things to stage! So bring in your quality furniture and home decor items to sell on consignment!

Also, three must be our lucky number because Prairie Chic is stoked to announce that we have recruited another THREE vendors this month so far, filling up more space in our store! Below is a panoramic picture of the ONLY wall space that is available, so act quickly and come sign a contract today! (Well technically tomorrow, since it is closing time, haha.) Wall space starts at $25 per quarter (three month period) for a 4 x 4 foot space with shelving provided.

Additionally, our blog has hit the milestone of 15,000 views! WOOHOO!
Prairie Chic Handcrafted Items and Antiques is open Wednesday through Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. We are located at 9 S. Broadway, Herington, KS 67449. You can reach our store manager, McKenzie Schultz, on her cell phone at 785-571-3955, or through the store e-mail at

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Upcycle Kind of Style: Jars

In the recent years, the "rustic" craze has hit the DIY world hard and remained in style. From country weddings with a shabby chic twist to everyday home decor and storage.
One of the biggest staple pieces in the rustic decor has been jars, more specifically mason jars. They are such a versatile item that have so many different uses attached to them, check out some of the ideas I found on the amazing world of Pinterest.

(Pictures featured have been taken off of Pinterest and are not property of Prairie Chic unless stated)

What a neat alternative to some sort of porch light, the perfect blend of romantic and functional.

This can help with decorating wall space and keeping counters cleared.

Gorgeous for display and decoration.

All you need is an empty jar and a knob, this could be a really useful storage option.

A creative spin on the wind chime!

Below are some of the different jars we have for sale in Prairie Chic currently!

As always, we are looking for more vendors and consignors to fill our store with handcrafted items, antiques and quality furniture! Contact our store manager, McKenzie Schultz, via text/call at 785-571-3955 or through the stores e-mail at Feel free to look through our Facebook, here to see what kind of items we have for sale! Our wall space is filling up quickly, so come in and get your 4 x 4 space for $25 for a three month period before it's gone! We are open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Upcycle Kind of Style: Books

It truly is amazing how many "every day" things can house so many different ways to be used. It's exciting to see how innovative and creative our society is.
This week, as I continued unpacking my house, I realized I hoard books. Now, I am guilty of being one of those people who buys books mostly because of the cover. I, of course, always read the summaries and go from there, but there is something to be said about the cover designs. When you think about it, when we aren't reading our books, what are we doing with them? Most likely we're displaying them on a shelf in a well used room. In a sense, it is safe to say that books are sort of a decoration as well.
I always buy books with the full intention of reading them at some point, and instead become consumed by other things and end up letting the pages collect dust. So I have done some searching and found several aesthetically pleasing ideas to put those books on display in ways that don't necessarily involve a book shelf. Check it out!

(The following pictures below were taken off of Pinterest and do not belong to Prairie Chic unless otherwise stated)

How cool is this! Using old books to create tags for all sorts of occasions! I especially love the one with pictures on the pages!

Who would have thought you would have used a stack of books to create a lamp base, talk about a conversation piece.

This is SUCH a cool and modern alternative to a headboard.

I think this idea is the epitome of organized clutter. 

Below are some examples of books that Prairie Chic has available in the store for purchase right now!

We are open Wednesday through Saturday's from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. and we are located on 9 S. Broadway, Herington, KS 67449. We are always looking for your handcrafted items, antique, and quality furniture to sell in our store. We have several different consignment options available, and 4 x 4 foot wall spaces starting at just $25 for three month period! Contact our store manager, McKenzie, for any questions of further information at her cell phone: 785-571-3955 or at the store e-mail