Saturday, August 1, 2015

Upcycle Kind of Style: Books

It truly is amazing how many "every day" things can house so many different ways to be used. It's exciting to see how innovative and creative our society is.
This week, as I continued unpacking my house, I realized I hoard books. Now, I am guilty of being one of those people who buys books mostly because of the cover. I, of course, always read the summaries and go from there, but there is something to be said about the cover designs. When you think about it, when we aren't reading our books, what are we doing with them? Most likely we're displaying them on a shelf in a well used room. In a sense, it is safe to say that books are sort of a decoration as well.
I always buy books with the full intention of reading them at some point, and instead become consumed by other things and end up letting the pages collect dust. So I have done some searching and found several aesthetically pleasing ideas to put those books on display in ways that don't necessarily involve a book shelf. Check it out!

(The following pictures below were taken off of Pinterest and do not belong to Prairie Chic unless otherwise stated)

How cool is this! Using old books to create tags for all sorts of occasions! I especially love the one with pictures on the pages!

Who would have thought you would have used a stack of books to create a lamp base, talk about a conversation piece.

This is SUCH a cool and modern alternative to a headboard.

I think this idea is the epitome of organized clutter. 

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