More about Herington, Kan.

Tell me more about Herington, Kan.
The City of Herington, Kan. had 2,526 people in the 2010 census. It is located in the Tri-County area of the southeast corner of Dickinson County, the west central edge of Morris County, and just four miles north of Marion County. The city began in 1887, having just celebrated its quasquicentennial or 125th birthday in April 2012. 

Our Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce office works hard to make the Tri-County Area a community to be proud of, a hometown for all to enjoy, including hosting events  throughout the year to generate traffic in our community.

The Union Pacific Railroad has a depot in Herington and the school mascot is the Herington Railer. The Herington Unified School District No. 487 has all 13 grades on one campus, separated between the elementary, middle school and high school sectors. 

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