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Why did a San Antonio couple buy a storefront in the Herington Central Business District?
After buying the former United Methodist Church in Herington, Kan., Mark and Denise Homer became enamored with the town. For more about the St. Mark's Wedding Chapel, visit St. Mark's Wedding Chapel blog or their Pinterest renovation page here.

After getting familiar with the town, we saw many dark fronts and empty parking spaces in the central business district. When we read the RHV building (at 9 S. Broadway St.) would be auctioned, Mark contacted local Realtor Tracy Jones to be our proxi-bidder.

This was our chance to make difference with the community to revitalize the largest store in downtown Herington. The Prairie Chic store offers revitalization to Herington's downtown area. We now see cars parked downtown blocks and shoppers in the stores and walking with purchases in hand. We want to protect their stored treasures from the extreme temperatures of Kansas, with a convenient secured comfortable self-storage.

Who are Mark and Denise Homer?
Mark Homer is a veterinarian in San Antonio who also has experience in the self-storage arena and other business start ups.

Denise Homer has a long history with interior design and has even created her own Design Firm which had me working for both individual clients and a local Fortune 500 Company as one of their designers who completed their model homes throughout Texas. I have often turned to collecting for both personal satisfaction or have been hired to "pick" for those special clients who do not have time or skill to travel to small towns or shops like Prairie Chic which will create in Herington. I often travel specifically to small town shops and fairs to find such items which I also sell in a local San Antonio store.

What can they offer to area residents through Prairie Chic?
As for Tri-County area residents, this is our idea but this will be your business. We need as small army of motivated entrepreneurs to stock the shelves and help run the store. The items for sale will primarily be local which makes the success of this Prairie Chic a partnership between store owners and vendors.

As established business owners, we also would like to encourage the young Kansans to learn how to become their own boss and succeed in their own community. The store can become your success with the use of Prairie Chic and the world wide web.

When is this all supposed to happen?
We're opened during the Throttle Jockeys Car Show in downtown Herington in April 2014. Our first anniversary event will be held during the next car show, on April 25, 2015.

How can I get involved and become a vendor at the Prairie Chic store?
Carol Kellogg is our store manager and our Herington tie to the store. You can contact her at or 785-571-3955 for more information or to sign up to become a vendor.

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