Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Friday, And There Is So Much To Be Excited For!

Today, I realized that all of the blog posts I typed up two weeks ago, have not been going through like scheduled, and instead are sitting in my drafts. So, my apologies for being ignorant of my mistakes and for not providing you with anything but crickets these last two weeks!
On the plus side, I will be posting a new blog post nearly every other day trying to catch up for the last half of August!

I have several things I want to include in this post, so I'm going to treat it almost as a bulletin!

Even though the Farmer's Market has come to an end for this summer, there are still delicious opportunities to take! For example, Bobby McGathan from the Hilltop will be selling fresh peach pie and cabbage biscuits tomorrow morning (Saturday, August 22nd) at 9 am near the corner of Broadway and Walnut.

We have moved our cash wrap to the center of the store, making use of the prime staging space at the front of the store! But, since sales are doing SO well, we are running out of things to stage! So bring in your quality furniture and home decor items to sell on consignment!

Also, three must be our lucky number because Prairie Chic is stoked to announce that we have recruited another THREE vendors this month so far, filling up more space in our store! Below is a panoramic picture of the ONLY wall space that is available, so act quickly and come sign a contract today! (Well technically tomorrow, since it is closing time, haha.) Wall space starts at $25 per quarter (three month period) for a 4 x 4 foot space with shelving provided.

Additionally, our blog has hit the milestone of 15,000 views! WOOHOO!
Prairie Chic Handcrafted Items and Antiques is open Wednesday through Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. We are located at 9 S. Broadway, Herington, KS 67449. You can reach our store manager, McKenzie Schultz, on her cell phone at 785-571-3955, or through the store e-mail at

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