Saturday, August 29, 2015

Three Is Our Lucky Number!

I am officially deeming the number three as Prairie Chic's lucky number. I say this because in the month of August, we have followed the trend of July and have welcomed ANOTHER three vendors. If business continues at this rate, we will have a very full store in no time.

We are always looking to recruit more vendors and consignors to bring in their handcrafted items, antiques and quality furniture.

For now, let's take a quick peak at some of the stuff that the new vendors have for sale!

Located in a sage green square along the back wall, a mother and daughter duo who collect vintage glassware, ornate mirrors, handmade jewelry and home decor galore! Within these white shelves you can find everything from decorative trays, to Carnival glasses, to styling books and an assortment of lamps that are sure to brighten up your style, as well as your room!

If you make your way back to the very front of the store and head down the first row of the wall space and booth space combinations, you will find another one of our newest vendors! Booth #441 is a combination of eclectic styles ranging from rustic to retro! There are plenty of chairs to pick from and a ton of home decor that could help bring your decorative visions together!

Our latest vendor is located against the far East wall of the store and her booth is overflowing with creativity and color. For You by Sue includes one of a kind and custom made pieces that are sure to be conversation pieces in your home!

As always, Prairie Chic is constantly looking for more vendors and consignors to add to our store! Wall space starts off at $25 for a 4 x 4 foot space for a 3 month period and booth spaces starts off at $30 a month or $60 a quarter! Feel free to call or text our store manager, McKenzie Schultz, at the store cell phone 785-571-3955. Or at the store e-mail

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