Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Read our Consignors Corner -- Concolleen's Visions

Here is the full view of Concolleen's Visions
rented space at Prairie Chic!
Welcome to the first installment of a special promotion for our vendors and consignors at Prairie Chic. This one is about Concolleen's Visions, a woman who takes photos of the Tri-County region, especially near Ramona and the Herington lakes area. Here is some information and insight about this vendor.
Consignors Corner: Concolleen's Visions

    Here are some extra pictures shared by
    Concolleen's Visions in her rented space.
  • Products include: Local photography and memories on canvas, general occasion cards
  • Lease signed with Prairie Chic: May 7, 2015
  • Length of experience with photography: 25+ years
  • More about my experience:  I have lived in Ramona for 36 years. I just can't miss an opportunity to go out and share what the beauty is in this area with other people. I think it's my calling because it just happened. It started with a man who wanted me to come take pictures on his homestead west of Ramona before the county made him clear the land. I just took pictures of what I saw and I didn't know what I was doing, but it turned out that he was very grateful for what I did for him, to document his history of his homestead.
  • Something about the consignment experience that might surprise our customers: While I was setting up my booth space, there were some customers who came in and talked to me. They had seen my pictures on the internet and on Facebook, but they never realized what was behind them or what they were about, besides just being neat pictures. They didn't realize the pictures were taken in local locations. I also explained to them that I see things that other people don't appreciate or stop and look at even though they pass by them on a daily basis. Each view is a gift and you will never see it exactly the same way again. Every picture has a feeling and a memory attached to it. My photos are memory makers, really, for a lot of the people who have moved away from the rural areas. My Visions can take them down Memory Lane and they share that with me. I'm just surprised that people are willing to share that with me.
  • Anything else to add: At Prairie Chic, I am just pleased that it has done as well as it has and that it has to be a long-term business. If you weren't doing a good job, you wouldn't have made it a year, so that's what kind of got me to where I put my Visions in there. I like the differences and different items in there. I love Stephanie's advertising and how she reaches out and pulls people in with what you've got in the store. I love it, I really do. That is marketing and it's subtle marketing that reaches to those who didn't know they were looking for something! I like that better than a big ad. I like what you do. I hope the next person has a similar vision and can work out of the perpetual square, so to speak.
This is what the space started with, on May 7.
Here is a close up view of Concolleen's Visions
on the wall space rented for these photographs.
Here's a front view of the space rented for Concollen's Visions.

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