Thursday, June 4, 2015

Customers share handcrafted pieces made from items purchased here

Sometimes our customers send us pictures of their creations after they have renewed a piece they bought from our store. Here are some photos of those upgrades that we have received so far!
A Herington woman bought the yellow dress on the left for a costume for her granddaughter to dress up like Belle Starr, the outlaw that ran with Jesse James. Here is the outcome of the full costume view! 
Here is a well worn black and green dresser that a Fort Riley woman bought from our store.
She turned that into this dresser for her daughter.
Here is another rough dresser that a Council Grove woman bought.
It needed some TLC and got turned into this creation!
Sometimes, our customers will find a unique use for something they buy here, such as this wooden drawer separator box used to display nail polish colors.
Do you have before and after pictures of something you have purchased from our store? If so, email them to Stephanie Gilbert, store manager, at

For more information about the store, visit the More about the Prairie Chic store Tab here.

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