Saturday, March 8, 2014

Artists who repurpose wood pieces can sell their works

Artists can use wood to repurpose a discarded door, a disastrous dresser, a nuisance nightstand, a bulging bookshelf, or any other worn out wood pieces into something new. Someone with an imaginative mind can see potential in something that others may consider as rustic recycling material. Someone who has some crazy carpentry skills could imagine something similar to these examples:

These aren't the types of pieces that will be found in a metropolitan mall, but they are just the types of work that we are looking to help you sell. They are the types of items that will give the Prairie Chic store its unique offerings. Would you want to create a work of art or other repurposed creation that you could sell? If you have items like these, or any others made out of mangled metal or broken brick or other past prize pieces, and you would like to sell them in our store, contact Stephanie Gilbert, store manager, at

For more information about the store, visit the More about the Prairie Chic store Tab above.

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