Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Indoor storage units now finished inside the store!

Do you need to spring clean your garage? Do you have items in a bedroom that need to get moved, but have nowhere to put them? Then, you might be interested to know that the climate-controlled storage units are now finished inside the Prairie Chic store!

These are the eight (8) 10' by 10' climate-controlled storage units now finished! There are also thirteen (13) 5' by 7' storage units finished in the back of the store.

Climate-controlled storage units are not yet found in Herington. These spaces will be available to rent in the coming month. The prices for them are $105/mo., and $65/mo., respectively. If you have any questions or wish to hold a space, contact Stephanie Gilbert, store manager, at

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  1. Definitely had a good experience with them. The storage unit was easy to load things into and fit fine in our small but straightforward driveway. They had good customer service and whenever we had questions, they tried to answer or find someone who could answer right on the spot.
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