Friday, May 9, 2014

Mark your calendars: Herington Vintage Days are planned in August!

Our readers outside of town may not have seen this view recently in Herington. There are some people who are doing work down at the Central National Bank here in town and they park their tractor in front of the bank. 
Along those lines, Prairie Chic Handcrafts & Antiques store is offering our special event rates of $2 per square foot prior to the show or $3 per square foot on the day of the show during this event. Our offer includes you displaying your own items for sale on your table. If you have a circular table, it is measured on the square (sorry, no discount or "pi x r{squared}" math computations). These events are on a "cash and carry" basis, meaning you tend your own sales and no credit cards nor collection will be taken by our staff. For those who may be looking even further down the road on your calendar, we will also offer this offer during the Herington Holiday Festival on Dec. 6, 2014. 

The Herington Vintage Days event includes our visitors celebrating our local area as it has been and as it still is today. Vintage farm equipment will be displayed downtown and children's games will also be held as part of this event, so it is sure to draw visitors from around the region. For more about the upcoming Visit Herington event, please visit the Herington Vintage Days Facebook page.

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