Saturday, May 17, 2014

New item: Vintage gas stove removed from historic local military lounge

Prairie Chic received a vintage gas stove for sale earlier this week. The man brought this item in is doing some work in the former pilot's lounge in downtown Herington. The location is reported to have been the former Pilot's Lounge, where military members from the Herington Air Base, or Herington Army Airfield, came to relax away from the military installation. The man did not know if the stove worked or not, as it was no longer hooked up to a natural gas supply. The stove is quality made and still in good condition. It is priced to sell today at $250.
Do you have an item that you're considering to bring in for us to help you sell on consignment? Our consignment policy applies to smaller items, which can be placed inside our glass cases, and to larger items, such as antique furniture pieces, quality used newer furniture pieces, art works, original larger handmade creations, etc. We sell these items on a 30% commission, but this can be negotiated. Our consignment policy for the larger items includes a first 10% markdown after the item has been in the store for 30 days, a second 10% markdown after 60 days, a third 10% markdown after 90 days. There is no markdown on art pieces or items inside the glass cases. These policies allow ur shoppers to see different items if it has been several months since they have visited our store. Since we're still working to get more pieces in our store, all items we receive by June 1 will not be marked down until July 1. We also offer lay-a-ways to better work with our shoppers'  budgets and still allow them to purchase our quality items.

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