Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Estate sale items wanted for consignment pieces

If you are just starting up a new business or are looking to have an estate sale, we now have an additional option for you to rent space in our store. We can offer you a 3-month prepaid booth, with a 10% commission on all booth sales.
These rates are:

  • 4' booth -- $150 one time rental cost for a 3 month lease (plus two 30" x 48" walls)
  • 6' booth -- $225 one time rental cost for a 3 month lease (plus 30" x 48" wall and 30" x 7' wall)
  • 8' booth -- $285 one time rental cost for a 3 month lease (plus 30" x 48" wall and 30" x 7' wall)
  • A full end cap is $150 and half end caps are $90 one time rental cost for a 3 month lease

Booths are 7' tall and 30" deep.

Here are some types of items from an estate that would work well in our store and earn you more money than a yard sale or garage sale option might offer:

  • Advertising found on soda bottles, signs, pins, tins, ashtrays, etc.
  • Kansas items, which have local advertisements from an older era are also great, including university collectibles and Lodge items, Mason items, Scout items, old license plates, etc.
  • Kitchen items, including cupboards, old cookbooks, glass measuring cups,wooden handled utensils that either have red, green or blue painted handles, aprons, old kitchen timers or clocks, items that can help decorate a collector's home
  • Household collections, which can include brands such as Pyrex, McCoy, Rosewood Pottery, Murano glass, etc. Collectors look for all sorts of items that most people think is just junk, including old rotary phones, cameras that used the old film, movie projectors, transistor radios, typewriters, toys (60's and older), sewing notions and patterns (60's and older)
  • Bedroom/Closet items, including old bed quilts, coverlets, embroidered pillow cases, needlepoint, vanity sets, trays for perfume bottles, brushes and hair containers, older perfume makeup containers, older negligees, hats, ladies gloves, bowling shirts, purses, old suitcases, hat boxes, scraps of lace, old buttons, etc. Smaller items can be stored in clear sandwich bags stapled shut before putting a price on them. Just think about the young women who love to find older pieces to add to their collections or wear to concerts and events
  • Men's items, including older jackets, hats, shirts with advertising, especially military items
  • Hobby, garage, sporting goods and other outdoor items, including hunting and fishing items, such as handmade lures, wooden ladders, or other vintage or antique items that one used for their trade or are otherwise used at home
  • Around the house, items inside junk drawers or closets can include old greeting cards, photo albums, yearbooks, old maps, school globes, postcards, school supplies, old calendars, especially those with pictures and date from 60's and back. It's surprising what people collect. These items could be combined or sold in separate baggies for a few dollars, which is much better than throwing them away. Don't be surprised if you come across a jar of old matchbooks, which could also be sold.

We also offer climate-controlled indoor storage units on a monthly basis. We're open Wednesday though Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you have any other questions or prefer to call with your questions, please contact our store at (785) 258-8004 or the store manager, Stephanie Gilbert, at or (785) 571-3955!

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