Saturday, August 16, 2014

Furniture pieces added, only one booth in front row left!

Have you been in to our store recently?

If you haven't been in within the past week, you may have missed out on the vast furniture selection we now have available in the store.

Also, we only have one booth space left in the front of our store.  You can claim it now for $43 a month for a 12 month lease or $50 a month for a six-month lease. Call 785-258-8004 to claim it!
One of the many new items in the store is this antique desk now available for $47.50.
Do you like Kansas or American history? Here is an original piece we have for sale in our store for $2,150, which includes an envelope and two letters. The envelope is stamped as from 39th Congress and marked "Communication from The Spirit of James K. Polk). The first of the two letters is written to President James Buchanan explaining the second one. The second oneis written by a person who claims to have been directed by the Spirit of James Polk to write it. It includes references to predict Bleeding Kansas and lists individuals who would later abandon President Buchanan at a crucial time. "He must be careful how he trusts the South where he sees the country in anguish about Kansas' affairs.... I am not sure that Mr. (Sen. Jesse David) Bright (Ind.) will not also abandon him when the news of the War in Kansas reaches Washington." This item would go great to anyone who is greatly interested in Kansas history, American history, or President Polk or President Buchanan.

If you have items that you are not interested in selling, but need more space in your home, we offer climate-controlled indoor storage units on a monthly basis, also. We have 10' x 10' for $105 a month (shown here) or 5' x 7' for $65 a month, plus a $20 one-time administration fee to start your lease.

Come in and see us today until 6 p.m. Our regular store hours are Wednesday though Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store is located at 9 S. Broadway St., Herington, Kan. For more about our store and even more pictures of items we have for sale, look in our Facebook photo album here.

If you have any other questions or prefer to call with your questions, please contact our store at (785) 258-8004 or the store manager, Stephanie Gilbert, at PrairieChicKansas@gmail.comor (785) 571-3955!

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