Sunday, February 15, 2015

Some thoughts from Prairie Chic owner Denise Homer

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day this weekend with all those special loved ones.
It's amazing how quickly the year has started and I'm thrilled to see and check in at Prairie Chic and catch up with all the new selections and finds that have been recently showing up in the store.
Though I'm in Texas, the internet has proven to be a huge part of my enthusiam for what Kansas has to offer both Buyers and sellers alike.
As some might know thru Stephanie fantastic web presence she has introduced me (Denise) has one of the owners of the store.
I also like to think of the stores as huge inspiration or gallery of possibilties for those who love to decorate. My husband Mark often takes a huge sigh of relief that I can't get to the store often and shop for myself since I often show him the site and mention.....look what came in!
I can see some pieces being transformed into delightful gems and new decorative pieces for my home.....but just to far to get to.
Still, I can't help to "Monitor" version of window shopping and seeing what can be done with the right color and technique of painting.
So I thought I would share a few points with the help of Pinterest, and show you some examples of what the transformation could be with some of the items found in the store.
As some might know, this is what I do professionally in Texas.....and love the finish product and how my clients can't believe the change with the old dreary piece they thought would need to be thrown away.
Here are a couple examples….
Ordinary wood pieces are great to re-do by selecting the right color and prepping the surface for paint. This piece also has nice lines that all it needs to refresh it is to find the right new hardware for the Pottery Barn look.
Metal pieces sometimes are overlooked but shouldn't, with some good cleaning and sanding, choosing the right primer….these solid gems can add bright color to rooms.
One important step for the results to be perfect is prepping correctly, many DIYer's get frustrated when the paint doesn't stick or looks tacky/gummy, this is when the right primer is important. Those shown above are "go to" options as well as shellac base primer for shiny surfaces or MDF. Also remember to clean and sand the surface for a good tooth for paint to stick.
Don't over load your brush or roller but use Flotrol to help make your strokes flow evenly.
You can opt to wax the final piece as a sealer or use non-yellowing clear poly for the top coat.
I'll share more steps later….but with recent inventory, I can't help share and encourage  buyers to see that there are some great potentials in need of some creativity.
Soft neutrals are always a favorite palette in any decor.
Have fun and think about Spring will soon be upon us…it's only paint but it can make a huge impact to your space.
Have Fun!

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