Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hoosiers at the Prairie

With the crisp cooler winds blowing through the Prairie, we have had some interesting items coming and going through the store.
Pianos and trunks have been sold and now we have a very well preserved Hoosier cabinet for those who are in need of some extra storage.

What is perfect about this Hoosier cabinet is the fact of the interior components that are often missing or in very used-worn state. This is is fabulous. Ready for your spices, flours and dry-goods.
Clean and working.
Nice size of counter space…..not just for a kitchen, maybe pantry or even laundry room.
Whats nice about antique furniture pieces like this Hoosier, is that the eclectic tastes of our homes can have this piece used in more than just its original purpose. Imagine this cabinet in the laundry room, with the detergent in the larger bins, buttons and thread in the small jars for quick laundry fixes. 
Use it in a craft room, store your fabrics and crafting materials…ideas are plenty.
So give Carol a quick call for more info before this piece is gone.

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