Friday, October 16, 2015

Music Re-Designed

Thought I'd share something that's trending in the world of Re-purposing…..Pianos!
Many homes have had the issue of pianos handed down thru their families or have had to deal with that huge and unused piano left behind found somewhere in the corner of a room.
What to do?

or if you like to re-do something unusual and create that unique piece, try to redesign a piano.
Here are a few ideas and if you are in need of piano, Prairie Chic has a couple that are inexpensive and perfect to redesign yourself.
                     Before a funky 50's organ.
           Redo into a aquarium for your pet fish or reptile.
Need a Grand Piano? We have a smaller version that plays wonderfully but if its still to large, redo it.
Maybe a Bookcase
An ornate Eastlake Organ

Wine Bar
or dare to take it apart for the components and reuse the piano keys to create fun elements….here you have a chandelier.
A wall piece for "Your Inner Artist"
So if you would like to create something so personal for your space give us a call for more info on the current pianos we have in the store. (785) 258-8004

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