Saturday, February 8, 2014

Now recruiting area vendors!

Do you create handmade items? We're interested in talking to you! Mark and Denise Homer, from San Antonio, Texas, have purchased 9 S. Broadway St., in Herington. Area merchants will be selling their items on site or via the web starting April 25, 2014 at the Prairie Chic store.

Here's some information for anyone who may be considering placing items in the store.

Booth rates are about $10 per foot per month, according to size. These rates are:
* 4' booth -- $43/mo. for a 12 month lease or $50/mo. for 6 month lease
* 6' booth -- $65/mo. for a 12 month lease or $75/mo. for 6 month lease
* 8' booth -- $85/mo. for a 12 month lease or $95/mo. for 6 month lease
Note: There is also a 15% commission on all booth sales, which will go down to 10% as sales increase. See below for more information on that opportunity.

Wall space is available at $15 per foot. These rates are:
* 4' wall space -- $60/mo. for a 12 month lease or $65/mo. for 6 month lease
* 6' wall space -- $90/mo. for a 12 month lease or $98/mo. for 6 month lease
* 8' wall space -- $120/mo. for a 12 month lease or $130/mo. for 6-month lease

End caps of booth spaces are also available. A full end cap is $50/mo. for 6 month lease and half end caps are $30/mo. for a 6-month lease.

** The first Prairie Chic tenants will get 1 month free with one month paid with a signed six-month lease regular or 2 months free with one month paid with a signed 12-month lease. This offer is valid for first leases only.

What about positive sales figure incentives?
Vendors with a volume of at least five times (5x) their rental for a quarter will get a reduction down to 10% commission for the next quarter, as long as they maintain their sales volume at five times their rental or more.

What about other items?
We also offer commissioned sales of furniture, including antique items, art works, etc. Those are for a 30% commission, but that can be negotiated.

Denise Homer will provide artistic guidance with a product mix that will encourage traveling "Antique Pickers" to visit Herington along their travels!

As for the Tri-County region, this is our idea but this will be your business. We need a small army of motivated entrepreneurs  to stock the shelves and help run the store. The items for sale will primarily be from local vendors, which makes the success of this Prairie Chic a partnership between store owners and vendors.

We will be marketing items online (via sales websites such as Craigslist and Etsy) and with a blog to create a more personal tie to the store.

Here are some rules to help Prairie Chic maintain continuity and sales success for all vendors by providing efficiency for Prairie Chic management.

Tags -- All vendors will use their Vendor Number Id, on all merchandise tags. Vendor number should be written in RED in upper left corner for easy identification at check-out by management with your pricing and item description in Black. Please make all info legible for anyone to be able to read, not just you. Vendor markdowns will be done in GREEN over existing tags with additional info posted in booth if to attract shoppers. Please tag and price your items at home.

Last but not least, make sure every item has it’s own tag and that it is attached well. Place sticky tags on an area that won’t be damaged by the glue, lost sales can occur for this reason.

Items -- If you bring any items that should not be opened, make sure that they are secured with tape or closed tightly. If stored in a Zip Lock bag, they will be opened and removed so secure with staples and tag.

If smaller valuable items such as jewelry or nick knacks are to be sold, you are responsible for securing in a locked display to avoid any loss with labeled second key left with management.

Booths -- Please keep your aisle clear. There should not be any items extending past the dividing walls of your booth, especially a fixture. We need to keep walking space safe for shoppers. When you come to stock, please be kind to your neighbors and don’t block the aisles when filling your booth, as most shoppers will avoid those aisles altogether until they are cleared. Prairie Chic will notify all vendors of upcoming “Work Nights” for those who would like more time to clean out and rearrange their booths for special seasonal displays without customers in the store in their monthly newsletter.

Lighting is limited to 60 watts for 4' or 6' and 100 watts for 8' booths and is limited to compact fluorescent and LED bulbs only. Additional fee of $ 2/mo. will be added to your contract. Unapproved lighting will be disconnected upon management discretion. Management reserves the right to add capacity to a booth for an additional fee.

Layaways -- Our store provides our customers a great opportunity to purchase your goods and also provides layaway services in our storage area until pick-up. This service is only offered to shoppers. Vendors have the opportunity to rent our controlled spaces available for those who wish to keep items ready for future display or storage for their personal goods.

Who are the Homers?
You can read more about Mark and Denise Homer, and how they found the Prairie Chic location in Herington at More about the Homers.

What if I still have more questions?
Please contact Stephanie Gilbert at for more information, or to sign up for vendor space before the grand opening on April 25!

As always, more later.

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