Friday, February 21, 2014

See some of our progress inside the Prairie Chic store!

Lots of hard work took place inside 9 S. Broadway St., Herington, KS last weekend. There's still more work to be done inside the business. Even so, here are some pictures of the progress that has been made inside the store.

Here is what the store looked like before the cleanup. First, this is the central part of the store, before any painting or removal of leftover items from the sales floor.

Here is the southeast corner of the store, before any cleanup.

Here are two views of the southwest corner of the sales floor, still with signs and items from the previous business.

Lastly, there is the view of the northwest corner of the store, before any cleanup or painting.

Here are some after pictures, of the inside of the store.

First, here is the view of the southeast corner of the store, now painted, cleared and empty. More work will be done to relocate some more wall pieces from the north wall here to the south wall.

This is a view of the southwest corner of the store front. It has also been painted, cleared and is now mostly empty. The wall sections are available for rent to area vendors, according to the size of rented space.

This is the view of the northwest corner of the sales floor. This is where antique items, quality used furniture, art displays and other items will be displayed. In the far corner of the store, climate controlled storage spaces are available to rent. They have not yet been constructed, though.

There are going to be seven 32' long vendor sections for rent. They are available in 4', 6' or 8' sections. They have also not yet been constructed. The climate controlled storage units will be separated from antique sales floor items. The storage unit renters will have access via a rear entry point outside of regular business hours.

Would you like more information about the Prairie Chic store? can contact Stephanie Gilbert, store manager, at or visit the More about the Prairie Chic store tab here.

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