Sunday, February 16, 2014

Work now well underway inside Prairie Chic store

Mark and Denise Homer, business owners, and Stephanie Gilbert, store manager, had very productive workdays on Thursday and Saturday to get things done inside the new store.

Work done inside included Denise painting the store sign, many people moving items off the main floor (for possible future floor work), Mark and Stephanie painting the walls, several contractors relocating peg board sections, several people sweeping the floor, and contractors removing signs left in place from the former RHV store.

The sofa and love seat set that had been inside the Prairie Chic store has now been moved to bridal and groom rooms inside the St. Mark's Wedding Chapel.

One repurposed glass case from the old Kay's Pharmacy store is now located in the store, with two more cases planned to follow. The idea of repurposed items is spot on with what the store represents to the Tri-County area, so it's very fitting that the Homers have purchased local used items to put inside the store.

Related to the church, area businesses will be contacted to see if they would like to offer services as approved vendors for wedding services. We can offer vendor space to showcase what these vendors have to offer -- you guessed it, in the Prairie Chic store.

Several local contractors are being used for work on the store. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to think of ways they can spur a new business in town by offering services, at a cost, or selling items, or especially creating items that can be sold inside the Prairie Chic store. Handmade items can be artistic in nature, made of wood, metal, leather, fabric, etc.!

Any handmade crafters who would like to become a vendor and area residents who would like to sell antique or quality used furniture items in the store can contact Stephanie Gilbert, store manager, at

As always, more later!

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